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Cruising is more than just a pleasant experience. Skate along a promenade under the sunset, feeling the fresh air caress your face with the wind blowing through your hair - it almost feels like driving a cabriolet. Same streets look different the very second you step on a board. This is one of the best ways you could opt for to rediscover this city.

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Unlock your potential and develop your riding style with freestyle tricks. Play with your board, dance to the rhythm, use your kicktail as a drumstick. Be creative and let the beat drop. There is nothing more satisfying than landing a new trick after overcoming all of your past failures.



No wave? No problem. You can surf on concrete: paddle hard, catch the wave, pump a little, do a bottom turn, followed by a snap. A surfskate is a great tool for training your body on how to move for when you are on a surfboard, so that when you are on that perfect wave, you will not miss it.



Speed lovers’ choice. Charging down a hill on a longboard is like racing a Formula 1 car in the skating world. With the proper techniques and the right set of equipment, how fast do you think you can ride on that little piece of wood? If you are not a big fan of racing, you could flashing some tricks all the way down a slope. Why? Because gravity is a terrible thing to waste.


Fee for each class: $1200/person (3 lessons)
Duration: 1.5 hour/lesson, 1 lesson/week
Capacity: 6 people
Date and time: Sat (AM/PM)
                            Sun (AM/PM)

All classes are delivered in either English or Cantonese.

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